Clothing & Accessories

Whatever you need, a jacket, pants, tops, sweaters, dresses, suits, shoes, jewelry, purses, and much more! We buy and sell only the better brand name women’s apparel and accessories. TOP QUALITY CLOTHING AT PRICES YOU WON’T BELIEVE!   Check out some of our best-selling brands!

And don’t forget that with that little black dress, you’ll also need some high-end accessories, including jewelry and a fantastic hand bag!

Boutique Repeats has an incredible selection of resale handbags including many high-end brands. We sell purses on consignment and showcase brand names such as Coach, Liz Claiborne, and several others.

We also have a great collection of jewelry to match any outfit for any occasion. Including rings, necklaces, watches, earrings and more, we offer a wide array of top brands on a daily basis.

Like everything else, we have new inventory coming in every day! But don’t wait, if you see it now, it probably won’t be there next time you visit!

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